Breakfast of Champions

Today in #teacherlife…a student brought me breakfast. A delicious bodega breakfast.

This is not a student who is failing, has a poor grade, or needs to suck up in any way. She said, “Ms. Turman, I was getting my sandwich and I thought of you. This is the first time I have enjoyed English in a long time. I am glad that you came here.”

My thug tears overflowed, in the bathroom, away from the chilluns. Said breakfast was delicious as a mug.

100s and Rap Battles

Today in #teacherlife

I have a student who is struggling, but she tries. Today I handed her back a quiz with a big fat juicy 100% (one hunnit!!!!) written across the top in green. The light in her eyes could power Brooklyn for the rest of the year. It is my hope that all of my students have that light and that it is nurtured and sustained.

Also, I was challenged by a 9th grader to a rap battle in the cafeteria. When I told her I had more bars than Rikers, she walked away slowly. #sayword