Students React: The Color Purple

We took the entire 9th grade to see The Color Purple this morning. Many of them had seen the TV edit, some of our chaperones had not seen it, and I have seen it 50-11 times, but not on the big screen since my mom took me when it was originally in theaters.


Most of you know that the population I teach is all-girl and overwhelmingly BLACK. We have discussed, analyzed, and dissected the mess out of the book but they still were not ready.

The energy of being in the space with them was amazing, intense, and very tangible. Tears began flowing within 5 minutes of the film’s beginning, and what really took me out was the chorus of voices singing Miss Celie’s Blues. A movie theater full of 9th graders singing those lyrics…my heart. I am such a softy.

This is rambling on, but I needed to share how moved I was by my students today.

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